Rural America becomes even more electrified

Keith Gaaskjolen, a member of Grand Electric Cooperative in Bison, South Dakota, by his radiant floor heating

Cooperatives played a first-hand role in bringing electricity to rural areas across the country. When you look at those small communities, for most, the agriculture industry is at the heart of it.

Even though the same principles the ag industry was built on still live on, the ag producers’ tools and practices have evolved tremendously over the years, largely thanks to the introduction of electricity.

Today, agriculture and energy are more closely entwined than ever before.

Keith Gaaskjolen, a member of Basin Electric Class A member Grand Electric Cooperative in Bison, South Dakota; Eric Watson, a member of Renville-Sibley Cooperative Power Association, a Basin Electric Class C member in Danube, Minnesota; and Rob Jacobs, CEO of Cooperative Farmers Elevator (CFE), speak of the importance of reliable and consistently growing energy in the full article, Rural America becomes even more electrified, found in the Spring 2022 issue of Basin Today.