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Basin's Backyard Garden project started off as a garden at Basin Electric's Headquarters. It was tended by a group of employee volunteers who worked on their breaks, lunch hours, and after work. The project has evolved and today Basin's Backyard Garden is "homegrown," meaning employees now bring produce from their own gardens at home to be donated to those in need.

This blog was started in 2014 on the Wordpress platform, and moved here in 2022. Please find our archives at You can email editor Tracie Bettenhausen with story ideas.


Recent Posts

Totally homegrown Basin's Backyard Garden donation

Aug. 2 marked the first day in 2022 that the Basin's Backyard Garden donation was totally homegrown.

Rhubarb a treat from Basin's Backyard Garden donation

Gardeners donated 7.4 poundsĀ  of rhubarb, cucumbers, and peas.

Basin's Backyard Garden veggies welcomed at Welcome House

This week, a bag of garden lettuce was donated by an employee, and the rest of the local veggie haul was purchased from local farmers.

First Basin's Backyard Garden donation of 2022 comes from grocery store

Basin's Backyard Garden is going #HomeGrown again in 2022.