Lonesome Creek Station Unit 6 construction contract awarded

Basin Electric directors approved awarding the construction contract for Lonesome Creek Station Unit 6 to Casey Industrial based in Louisville, Colorado, at their July meeting. Casey Industrial was previously involved in the mechanical installation of Pioneer Generation Station Phase 3.

Trent Schwahn, Basin Electric electrical engineer III and Lonesome Creek Station Unit 6 project coordinator, said Basin Electric’s project team will hold a pre-construction meeting with Casey Industrial in mid-August and they plan to mobilize on Sept. 15.

“Engineering for the project is moving right along,” Schwahn said. “To date there have been no delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic. All major contracts are in place and everything is falling into place just as it should.”

Schwahn said the contract is under what was budgeted and plans are still in place to have the unit operational by August 2021.