Charitable Giving

In 2002, the Basin Electric board of directors established a Charitable Giving Program to bring greater support to rural America. While Basin Electric had provided charitable donations for decades, the board wanted to do more and make sure the program was managed in an equitable manner. The directors increased the funds allocated for charitable giving and authorized the development of a more formalized program.

Mission statement

To distribute Basin Electric Power Cooperative's charitable gifts to a wide range of programs for the greatest social and economic benefit for the Cooperative's membership, employees and communities.

How funds are distributed

A committee composed of employee representatives from all facilities meets quarterly to review major donation requests more than $5,001. Requests for up to $5,000 are reviewed on an ongoing basis.

The program provides donations that fall into five categories: community development and enrichment, cultural and arts, education and youth development, health and human services, and miscellaneous donations.

The board decided that two-thirds of the available funds are to fulfill requests in communities where Basin Electric has facilities and employees. The remaining one-third will be made available for requests received from the members on a matching basis and will be granted through an application process.

The Basin Electric family of organizations makes direct cash charitable contributions and considers matching donations from member systems. They also donate miscellaneous surplus property such as office furniture and safety and lab equipment to schools, libraries, retirement homes, local charities, and local civic organizations.

The Charitable Giving Program is an example of Basin Electric’s commitment to community. While distribution co-ops assist on the local level every day, this program can help them to make a greater positive impact in their communities. Start the application process by downloading an application:


Jen Holen

Charitable Giving Coordinator
Phone: 701-557-5624