Energy Audits

Basin Electric can assist your cooperative with residential and commercial energy audits.

Chad Reisenauer, Basin Electric director of community and member relations, is available for on-site inspections and can provide a home energy rating and an analysis of suggested improvements to a home's energy features that can save homeowners electricity and money.

Reisenauer has earned credentials as a Certified Energy Manager® (CEM) from the Association of Energy Engineers. The CEM designation is a widely accepted measure of professional competence and proficiency within the energy management field, and is valuable in conducting commercial and industrial energy audits. The certification also allows Reisenauer to verify energy efficiency installations as required for member applications for Section 9007 grants through the USDA's Rural Energy for America Program.

Reisenauer is available to assist member cooperatives with home and commercial energy audits. He’s also willing to share his experience with members who are also working toward HERS or CEM certifications.


Chad Reisenauer

Director of Community & Member Relations
Phone: 701-557-5710