Equipment Loans

Equipment is available to Class A and C member cooperatives to facilitate commercial and residential energy audits for their member-consumers. We require and provide training for first-time users of this equipment.

What's available:
  • Infrared cameras: This digital camera takes images indicating heat loss throughout the house. (3 available)
  • Blower doors: By pulling air out of the house, the device helps detect air infiltration into the house. (2 available)
  • Instantaneous carbon dioxide monitors: The monitors can be used in conjunction with blower doors. (2 available)
  • Duct blaster: This device pressurizes ductwork to detect leaks. (1 available)
  • Light meter: The meter detects how many foot-candles a light fixture puts out. It can help indicate what kind of lighting and number of lights needed. This is most useful in commercial applications. (1 available)
  • Kill-A-Watt meters: These meters plug into outlets and measure how much electricity individual appliances are using. (several available)
  • Ultrasonic leak detector: This device detects leaks in systems using compressed air or fluids; for example, air compressor systems. It also has an ultrasonic emitter that can be placed in enclosed areas like refrigerator cases; the detector can then identify seal leaks on the outside. (1 available)
  • EMF tester: This device detects electro-magnetic fields. (1 available)


Chad Reisenauer

Director of Community & Member Relations
Phone: 701-557-5710