Member Investment Program

The Member Investment Program (MIP) is a service for Basin Electric members only. It is an alternative investment resource for many of our members. Please contact Courtney Fisher for our current rate structure.

How it works

As money is received from members, it is combined with Basin Electric's General Fund, providing additional liquidity to the balance sheet at no cost.

Basin Electric can then return investment rates to member participants that are higher than members could obtain through their own resources.

Additional balance sheet liquidity contributes to Basin Electric's goal of maintaining power supply to its membership at the lowest possible cost.


During the 1970s, generation and transmission (G&T) cooperatives like Basin Electric began to seek opportunities for financing construction of their power supply systems. The Rural Electrification Administration (REA) was the co-ops' primary financing lender and it was moving from a two-percent, direct loan program to a guaranteed loan program. The guaranteed loan program offered interest rates that reflected current market conditions. Market levels at the time were in double digits, which caused significant increases in interest expense for electric cooperatives. Basin Electric had large construction obligations during this time.

In 1976, the Basin Electric board of directors approved the establishment of a short-term, capital borrowing program from its member cooperatives to avoid borrowing money at high interest at market prices. Instead of borrowing funds from public financial institutions to finance its construction, Basin Electric would borrow surplus general funds from its member systems. The rates that Basin Electric would offer back to its members were comparable to Basin's alternative borrowing rates.

MIP resources


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