Basin Electric Power Cooperative Scholarship Program

Basin Electric is proud to announce the 2022 Scholarship Program. This program is designed to encourage and recognize the achievements of dependent children of Basin Electric employees, subsidiary employees, member cooperative employees, and member cooperative consumers.

Each year, the program awards 176 scholarships for the amount of $1,000 each:

  • 20 scholarships for Basin Electric/subsidiary employee children.
    • Of these, five are awarded for applicants planning to attend a certified vocational or technical school, and five to applicants planning to pursue a career in engineering.
  • 20 scholarships for dependents of member cooperative employees.
  • About 136 scholarships to children of member cooperative consumers.
    • There is one $1,000 scholarship available for each member cooperative to award to a dependent of a consumer member. 

Download the application for use at your cooperative

In an effort to save costs, we will not be printing and mailing applications unless requested. An electronic copy of the Scholarship Program Application was forwarded by email to all Cooperative GM/CEOs and any scholarship contacts we have been in communication with in the past. Please contact Karsen Little Soldier if you did not receive the application or would like printed copies.

Additional information

Please follow these outlined procedures for handling your applications for 2022:

  • You are eligible to award one $1,000 scholarship to a dependent from your cooperative's consumer dependent pool.
    • You may use the Basin Electric criteria or a system of criteria established on your own.
    • The recipient's complete application must be forwarded to Basin Electric (from you) no later than March 1, 20212.
    • Please make sure the application is marked as a “member cooperative consumer.”
  • Your cooperative's finalist from the Cooperative Employee Dependent group must be forwarded to the Basin Electric Selection Committee no later than March 1, 2022.
    • The Basin Electric Selection Committee will select 20 recipients from this pool.
    • Please make sure the application is marked as a “member cooperative employee” and you are using the Basin Electric application for this category.
  • In the case of a member G&T where no direct consumers are involved, the G&T will receive one scholarship to award as they see fit.

Individual cooperatives will be allowed to set their own deadlines for their student submissions. Please be sure you allow yourself enough time to complete the judging process to meet the Basin Electric March 1, 2022 deadline. The March 1 deadline is very important for the Member Cooperative Employee submission as we send the applications off for further judging at that time. 



Karsen Little Soldier

Learning & Development Coordinator
Phone: 701-557-5513