Strategic Support

Basin Electric offers a variety of strategic support services to assist member cooperatives in identifying and addressing issues and finding efficiencies to meet today’s needs and tomorrow’s challenges.

Key Account Support

Large load key account customers can be critically important to your cooperative's success. Basin Electric staff can provide customized tools to assist you whether your cooperative is trying to attract new key account customers or looking to improve service to existing ones.

Every key account is unique, and Basin Electric staff will meet with you to help identify best practices in dealing with that particular account. We can also conduct confidential research for your use in exploring potential new accounts.

Merger & Consolidation Assistance

Savings in operational costs are only one aspect of restructuring through merger or consolidation. Marketplace strength, enhanced purchasing power, technical sophistication, service quality, and other strategic implications can be just as compelling. Basin Electric can assist member cooperatives in evaluating all these areas.

We recognize the uniqueness of each cooperative’s circumstances. Basin Electric’s merger/consolidation assistance service does not prescribe a particular set of restructuring services to a cooperative; rather, we offer a menu from which they can select.

Typically a merger, consolidation, or other forms of restructuring between two or more electric cooperatives follows a fairly predictable sequence of events. Although they vary from system to system, these steps usually involve preliminary discussions, preliminary study, assumptions development, detailed study, director approval, member information campaign, and member vote.

Strategic Planning

Basin Electric offers strategic planning to help your cooperative find success. We offer one, one-and-a-half, or two-day sessions for both boards of directors and employees.

The goal of session is to provide member cooperatives with pertinent information essential for setting future goals, including:

  • current national energy trends;
  •  local, state, and federal legislation; and
  • demographic trends both nationally and in cooperatives’ service areas.
Information can be gathered through surveys of the board of directors, employees, and member consumers.

During the planning session, a significant amount of time is dedicated to identifying and discussing key issues and trends affecting individual cooperatives.

The strategic planning process includes

  • reviewing your cooperative’s consumer demographics;
  • comparing your cooperative’s financial condition with other regional cooperatives;
  • comparing your cooperative’s rates and consumer base with neighboring municipals and investor-owned utilities; and
  • analyzing employee and director surveys to depict an accurate portrayal of your cooperative.
After analyzing the data, the final step is to identify, prioritize, and implement the strategic goals.

For this process to be truly successful, buy-in from the employees is essential. After a strategic planning session with the board, a follow-up employee session is recommended to share the key strategic issues and obtain employee input regarding how to meet the board’s goals. Our team is able to facilitate this follow-up meeting with your cooperative’s staff.


What are your employees' thoughts on customer service? What do your directors believe are the most important issues facing the cooperative this year?

Management can find out answers to these questions and more by conducting employee and/or director surveys with assistance from Basin Electric. Surveys can be conducted as part of a strategic planning session or independently.

We offer a standard set of survey questions that can be customized to meet your cooperative's needs.

General topics covered in the standard survey include:

  • customer service,
  • benefits,
  • cooperative culture,
  • management,
  • communication,
  • career development, and more.

The software Basin Electric staff use to develop your survey allows for instantaneous results tracking. Upon completion of the survey, results are compiled in easy-to-read graphs and presented to the cooperative for use as part of a strategic plan, or for other uses as the cooperative sees fit.


Chad Reisenauer

Director of Community & Member Relations
Phone: 701-557-5710